Lemon and Lime

Setting: real world, probably
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: Preparing to go out
Notes: prompted by Becky Allen and Eliza Beans
Words: 100

Jeanelle rummaged through her makeup collection to plan her look for the night.

Peach and strawberry were fit for every-day, cherry and plum could go either way, depending on the outfit, but tonight… Liquorice? And the little black dress?

No. Black and green for the outfit; for the makeup, yellow eyeshadow and lime green lashes with matching nail polish.

And for the lip gloss, lemon yellow.

Jeanelle just wished the lip gloss had more than a faint citrus aroma. Her look for the night popped. Her taste should match.

She grinned at her reflection, looking forward to others’ reactions.

Fiction tags: Slice of Life


That actually sounds really cool!

Thank you . :)

what's she dressed up as?

Not dressed up as anything, just dressed up for clubbing. :)